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Private Investigator San Antonio

J.I.S Private Investigations

San Antonio TX

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Private Investigations San Antonio 


Child Custody


Cheating Spouse 

Extensive Process Serving 

Attorney Requests

Background Investigations

Insurance Fraud

Surveillance Requests

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Affordable Investigation Services

J.I.S Private Investigations strives to assit the community of San Antonio TX. Wether it's locating someone to civilly bring to justice, locating your child to established visitation and process serve parent, or conducting surveillance in relations to court. We bring TOP NOTCH service at a low cost to assist our community. 

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Locate Someone for Process Serve

Need assistance in locating an individual to get them process served? We have the ability to locate and legally process serve.

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Locating Family/Friend/Child

Looking for a missing person? Consult with us for free. Our goal is formulate a plan to assist in locating an individual. We have a track record of finding missing people.

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Business or Corporation Requests

Wether its conducting surveillance on employees or locating past employees J.I.S Private Investigations can assist.

Suit and Tie

Attorney Requests

J.I.S Private Investigations work with several attorneys throughout San Antonio and Texas. For any particular requests consult with us for free so we can pitch a proposal and plan on how we can assist.

Family Dispute


Our affordable services for divorce assist by using surveillance techniques to capture infidelity and/or illegal activity  that can benefit the client and be used in court.

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Child Custody

We hold a high track record for obtaining evidence used in court for Child Custody Cases. We have the tools, techniques, and resources to assist in your child custody case. Consult with us for free so we can assist. 

Private Investigator San Antonio
Private Investigator San Antonio
Private Investigator San Antonio
Private Investigator San Antonio
Call Now 210-960-4861
J.I.S Private Investigations was designed and created for the purpose of helping individuals, businesses, and attorneys to gather information and solve problems at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to gather information discreetly, efficiently, and quickly. We provide clear and concise reports detailing our findings. We are committed to providing confidential and professional services to meet our clients specific needs.
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