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Top Cases For 2023

We selected our top three cases for 2023 that gave our clients a great outcome and satisfaction. 

J.I.S Private Investigations Cases for 2023

Missing Persons Case

 J.I.S Private Investigations took on a case regarding a teenager who had went missing.  The teenager was placed as a missing persons and displayed on The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in San Antonio. The investigator was able to conduct a social media investigation and locate a friend who was posting pictures with the teenager that went missing.  The investigator used investigative skills to pinpoint and locate where the pictures were being posted.  The pictures that were being posted displayed guns and drugs around the missing teenager.  The investigator initiated surveillance for several days to learn the routine of the missing teenager and her friends. The investigator then pinpointed a safe environment where the investigator would work with Law Enforcement to intervene and bring her to her parent/guardian. J.I.S Private Investigations was able to successfully perform surveillance, establish communication with law enforcement and the parent/guardian, and bring the missing teenager back home. 

Child Custody Case

J.I.S Private Investigations successfully handled a child custody case where a toddler was being abused by family members. A court order was established for the child's safety.  In the court order, it was ordered that those particular family members were not authorized to be around the child. J.I.S Private Investigations conducted surveillance on the parent and child's whereabouts for several weeks due to suspicion of the child being around the family members who abused him. During surveillance, the investigator was able to covertly record the child being left unattended with the family members who were ordered to not be near the child.  The investigator was able to able to covertly record and document the activity taking place.  J.I.S Private Investigations released footage and documentation of the act taking place to the client and attorney for a successful court outcome.

Infidelity Case 

J.I.S Private Investigations was retained for an infidelity case where an individual who was a member of the police department and was known to lie to the spouse and leave the house for long periods of time. The spouse was very curious and suspicious of the activity. The investigator conducted several days of covert surveillance and was able to initiate surveillance when the individual was attempting to leave for a long period of time.  The investigator followed the individual to a hotel parking lot. The individual soon met with another individual and showed signs of affection. The two were seen going into a hotel room together and kissing. The investigator was able to use database tools to locate the information of the individual. The investigator recorded the romantic relationship of the two and documented it. J.I.S Private Investigations was able to deliver the evidence to the client that would be used in the future for divorce in court. 

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